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SerpDB is an affordable solution that writes Google search results straight to your database.

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A rank tracking tool for serious SEOs

This ain’t no ranking tool for your mom and pop shop. SerpDB is for serious SEOs looking for insights from thousands of keywords.

Affordable Cost Per Keyword

Tracking thousands of keywords shouldn’t break the bank. Our pricing is as low as 3 cents per keyword.

Entire SERP Tracked Daily

No paying extra for competitors – get the entire SERP written to your database daily for maximum insights.

Visualize With Your Favorite Tool

Make dashboards and analyze with whatever data viz tool that literally every other team in your company uses.


Keywords Tracked

65 million

SERPs Retrieved

7 billion

Rows of Data WRitten

Getting started is easy

1 – connect database

Either connect your own database or let us host your data for you.

2 – upload keywords

The top 100 results will be tracked within a few minutes.

3 – visualize

Now’s where the fun begins. We even have prebuilt templates to get you started.

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Works with your favorite database

Don’t have your own database setup? We’ll host one for you.


Free Your Rankings Data

SerpDB was started to scratch our own itch while consulting for large companies. Time and time again, we witnessed SEO teams exporting CSVs from expensive, GUI oriented tools to do any sort of advanced analysis.

In a business environment where all data – traffic, financials, and more – is in a centralized database, we thought. “Why not write search engine rankings straight there as well?”

And that’s how SerpDB was born.

Free Your Rankings Data

Take your rank tracking to the next level today

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